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Gaudent Technology

Gaudent Technologies Group is a design and trading company of electromechanical and hydraulics devices, founded in 2014. The founder, Mr.Richard Sun goes back to key member of Italy Sixth S.R.L and Prestolite U.S high management. In 2021 years, annualized sales of $14.8 million who focus on material handling, construction, marine and vacuum cleaning markets. Company is including Gaudenttech Shanghai as headquarter and representative branch in Italy, U.S.A and Vietnam. We provide not only components, but also motion solution, oversea logistic and warehouse service as integrated supply. We have 6 OEM manufacture, located in Wuxi , Ningbo , Qidong , Renqiu, Ruzhou and Zhongshan City. Within these manufacture production capacity supporting , we can offer over 3 million pcs motor , 1 millions pcs pump , 300k pcs power unit and millions of valve other components per year.   Main selling region cover European , U.S.A , India , Vietnam , South Korea , Middle-East and South East Asia.


We want to become business bridges from China to globally and bring best product and solution to serve our customers.   


Customer delight and relationship;

Building bridges between advanced technologies and society;

Business Excellence and sustainable growth;

Paving the way to a bright future through a spirit of creation;


Gaudent Technologies is committed to fostering a challenging and rewarding environment for its employees who keep in mind “aggressive growth and development, responsible for customer as first priority ,creativity and in initiative continuously “.Everyone within the organization,regardless of nationality, religion, culture or background, supports this value.

We respect the highest moral and ethical principles. We stand behind our words and promises. By mutual endeavors, trust and respect we build solid foundations for an individual as well as the company.