A diverseset of variables governs the mating and integration of a specific electric DC motor, hydraulic pump and valves for optimum functionality within an hydraulicspower unit. Each application varies in complexity. Each requires completefamiliarity with the unique characteristics of specific motors, as well asexpert knowledge of the performance of the hydraulic pumps and valves. More over, the integration of D.C. motors, hydraulic pumps and valves is atechnology all its own. We are a recognized leader in designing, applying andproducing power packs and motor/hydraulic pump assemblies that ensure reliability in lifting systems. All Concentric products are tested for propercoupling engagement, balanced motor armature, amp draw at key operating pointsand flow at specified pressure.

Hydraulics DC power units have a lot of features and include:

-       Compact designs

-       Integrated and manifolder valvecircuits

  Technical Data

-       Flow: 0.40 - 8.0 GPM

-       Pressures to 4000 psi

  Typical Applications

-       Aerial Platforms

-       Snowplows

-       Tail Lift

-       Dock Levelers

-       Lifting Equipment

-       Wind Body

-       Cleaning Vehicle

-       Scissors Lifts

-       Boom Lift

Our High efficiency DC motors can be used to drive hydraulic powerunit for various applications, particularly in material handling and transport industries, and for other applications, such as winches, industrial cleaning machines and marine applications. They are made in both standard versions andto special customer requirements. DC commutator motors with thermal cut-outs, ventilated DC commutator motors and heavy duty versions are also available.