Water Circulation Pumps

Acirculator pump is a critical part of any domestic hot water system. Whethermoving hot water to applications, providing instant hot water to sinks orsending liquid to a heat exchanger, WaterCirculation Pumps will help with PM Motor technology.

It offers a wide range of electric pumps specifically designed for fueltransfer. Our range includes self-priming, CE-certified DC pumps (12/24 V) DC.Compact and easy to handle, they offer long service life and excellent valuefor money. Our pumps can be supplied with a wide range of accessories that makethem quick and easy to install on any plant. The range of models for dieselfuel consists chiefly of vane pumps, which ensure high flow rates and operatingcycles of up to 30 minutes. They are all self-priming and equipped with aByPass valve to avoid over-pressurisation.
 The range of pumps for oil includesgear pumps (Viscomat gear), capable of transferring dense fluids at highpressures without damaging the motor. The Visco-Flowmat is a particularly acclaimedmodel, which switches the pump on and off automatically.

• Stainless steel shaft

• Bronze on gear

• Pumps are built in for intermit duty

• Can be mounted on any position

• IP 65